Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion File: Wide leg trousers

I've been wearing skinny jeans (and pants) and nothing else for some time now (OK years), but recently I've been loving the wide leg trouser look a lot. I guess is the boho-relaxed but yet polished look that I'm really craving for. Don't you think they look fantastic?



  1. I'll admit. They're def growing on me. Like you, it's hard to get past the skinny pant trend after so long!!

  2. so funny, i just watched that J-Lo movie "the back-up plan" (just needed a lovey kind of mindless flick, it was actually pretty cute) last night and all she wore in it were flares. i loved it and had forgotten how great they look in such a variety of ways. gosh does emerson made ever do anything other than gorgeous?! i love that site. fab post lades. ♥

  3. Haha haven't watched that movie but know what you mean Lynn ;) and yeah, Emerson Made is just plain gorgeous!


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