Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decor & Interiors File: Coffee Table Essentials

I honestly can't believe I went so long without a coffee table! It makes such a great difference and I feel like it really grounds the space (small and everything), plus I now have somewhere to put down my tea mug! Annnd I didn't spend some crazy bucks, because as much as I would have loved to get this one, I went for this one for $79, and it makes me absolutely happy :)

I've played around styling and re-styling it a couple of times, but I always end up with the same mix of items: fresh flowers in a short vase, books, a tray, some small home decor items, a candle, matchboxes, and a bowl. So, if you're looking into decorating your own coffee table, here are the items I consider essential ;) Any that I'm missing that you find a must-have?

Flowers: Having fresh flowers really has a special and positive effect, so try to have some pretty blooms whenever you can. Lately all I can find is carnations, but I've been lucky to find some beautiful ones ;)
Matches: With all the pretty matchboxes around, it's a no brainer to have them displayed. I love these from BelloPop and these from Waiting on Martha.
Candles: I rarely light up my candle, but that's because taking off the lid is enough to impregnate the living room with it's lovely scent!
Trays: Small trays are great to hold small books, small decor items, or just your tv remote controls while adding some flair. The one above is a metallic one from West Elm ;)
Books: There's a reason why they are called coffee table books right? ;)
Bowls: Bowls are great to hold small things like your matchboxes. I always love what West Elm and Anthropologie carry (like these and these), but I also have bought great ones at Flea Markets, so keep your eyes open ;)
Decor: Look for pieces that you love and that are not too high.

I've rounded-up some great finds that would look great on a coffee table ;)


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