Monday, April 4, 2011

Obsession File: Elephants

Svenskt Tenn Handbag Elefant

The last time that I posted about an animal obsession was when I was liking owls very much (here), and during that time there was an Owl related movie and one of those Harry Potter movies showing. But this time, even though Water for Elephants is coming soon,  I had no idea about it until a day ago (If you google where I'm currently living you'll understand why), so I guess my theory of subconscious media power doesn't always apply ;)

Anthropologie Elephant Salute Scarf


  1. i am into elephants...i love these creatures =) i love this whole elephant collection that you showed! and nice blog, jamie of lyrical journey told me about it ♥

  2. Thanks for including us! What an awesomely adorable roundup!!


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