Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy weekend!

Kowloon, Hong Kong

I hope you have a great weekend! Here are a couple of things I liked this week:

> If you like shoes you're going to like, no not like, love this.
> I like this.
> An admirable act of courage.
> If you live in SF you really don't want to miss it!
> Is her skirt what I think it is?
> This looks delicious.
* Photo by Gaby Burger


  1. I hope you have an amazing weekend and thank you for the blog love!!

  2. there's always fun links here, can't wait to check some of these out. dying to see the shoe LOVE!!! happy Sunday evening Gaby, hope the new week is a bright one! ♥

  3. Her skirt definitely looks like an old sweatshirt. Leave it to the Italians to make something old look chic.

    Cool link list Gaby!


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