Thursday, August 18, 2011

Babies & Kids File: Matthew's list

I'm close to 2 weeks away from our R&R which means we have a HUGE list of stuff to get. I won't be hitting the stores for another 6 months or so, so I really have to stock on everything I need and might need. Matthew needs a whole new wardrobe as the size he is currently using (18-24 months) won't fit him for too long I suspect, so above are a couple of my picks!

From top to bottom (left to right):
- Star Wars graphic tee
- Circo short sleeve tee
- Snoopy graphic tee
- Tea Collection Adios Bicicleta tee
- Zara T-shirt with applique
- Zara Polo shirt with printed pocket
- Zara Shirt with pocket
- Zara shirt
- Zara Ripped jeans with braces
- GAP straight jeans
- GAP Slim Cargo Pants
- J.Crew Contrast Stitch Board Shorts
- Zara Stripped Swimming shorts

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