Friday, April 20, 2012


Chateau Frontenac - Quebec - Montreal - 2008
(picture by @mellowbello

Any plans for the weekend? My sewing machine has been sitting on our dining table (fancy huh?) all week long, along with my sewing supplies and a pair of jeans; I think it's time to get things done! Can't believe that the first race of the season is just one week away, and Matthew's B-day party is in only 2 weeks! Got to get myself organized and start doing some crafts, asap!

Hope you have an amazing weekend, thanks so much for stopping by!

Weekly links:
> I'm really enjoying this very cute blog I just discovered.
> Funny equations.
> Bloggers, some ideas in case you ever need them.
> These would be fun for a prank ;)
> Type & Scrabble lovers this is for you.
> Brown paper never looked so pretty!
> No botox necessary

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