Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY File: White & Gold Jewelry Tray

Instead of tossing or donating some items I have that I really don't like, I decided to spruce them up a little bit to give them a "new life". So with these little projects I may start a new DIY series on the blog, hope you enjoy it as much as I do ;) Mind you, these "DIY" are incredibly easy so I'm not sure that "DIY" is the proper term. In any case, I hope they bring some inspiration ;)

On a recent visit to The Paper Store, I bought some sheets of hand silkscreened paper, also known as Chiyogami (a fancy term I didn't know). The paper is so gorgeous that I decided to use some of it for my first victim: a wooden tray with no charm whatsoever (as you can see on the photo below). This project was incredibly easy and I'm quite happy with the result!

The victim

1. I cleaned the tray with some cloth.
2. I Applied a coat of acrylic paint to the edge. I waited approx. 30 min/1 hour and then applied a second coat.
3. Using a ruler I measured the inner square.
4. I cut the paper and a slightly larger square of vinyl (so that I had an edge of it to stick to the tray)
5. I carefully stuck the paper to the vinyl and placed it on the tray.
6. Voilá!

My paper ready to be placed

Ready to use

And styled!


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  1. Cute!!! You are so creative!! I love the paper you used! Keep up the great DIY's! Thanks for visiting the new blog today!! Xo


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