Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips File: Running Playlist

For those of you who need some motivation to exercise, or if you just simply need new songs to get you going, here is a playlist I have carefully put together for all of you. It's been created with songs that will take you from a warm-up, to a good cardio zone, to a cool down. The "heart pumping" songs really get me in sprint mode and it's hard to keep an "easy run" with some of these songs, so I would say that if you're going for an easy run, this playlist will take you further ;) Even when I tell myself that I'm going for an easy run, the moment those songs kick in, I'm gone! Hope you like it!

PS: Tomorrow I'm staring a new series on the blog, and I'm very excited about it! And hopefully, by next week I'll have the replacement for the "in my makeup bag" series, so stay tuned ;)


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  1. Any LMFAO or Pitbull song is great to workout to but lately for me, David Guetta's album is on heavy rotation for my workouts.


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