Friday, March 1, 2013

Featured file: 5 favorite things on Mimosa Lane

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be featured on my friend Albertina's blog, Mimosa Lane, sharing 5 of my favorite things. If you'd like to, you can find me sitting on this settee sharing why the 5 things I chose are among my favorites ;) And if you don't know Albertina yet, I highly suggest you pay her a visit, because besides being the sweetest, her blog is fantastic (I love her!) You can check out the feature right here ;)

And before signing off for the week, here a couple of links I wanted to share:
- Dutch ice is pretty much breathtaking!
- This photo series takes you across the globe in an unconventional yet spectacular way (via Sugar & Cloth)
- Florals and stripes (how cute?)
- Funny video
- Luminous Lost Souls
- Dreaming about this bikini ;)

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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  1. Loved your post on Mimosa Lane yesterday! I wasn't familiar with Albertina's blog so thanks for the intro! Happy weekend!


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