Thursday, March 7, 2013

Food File: Nutella filled butter cookies

Last week, one of my favorite foodie bloggers, Jess from Forgiving Martha, shared this amazing recipe on Camille Styles, and because at the time I read the post I had already been thinking about Nutella for a week or two, I decided I had the perfect excuse (and motivation) to go and get a jar and bake something!

These turned out amazing (the husband even loved the cookies without the nutella), they are incredibly flaky, and so so yum. I used a liiiiittle bit less of butter because I didn't have it all, and still, they came out great!  I don't own a pastry cutter, so I just used two knives to "slash" the dough and that seemed to work ;) I recommend you give these a try, but I'd suggest you buy the smallest jar of Nutella, otherwise you'll end up like me, eating spoonfuls of Nutella for more than 2 days in a row!

Get the recipe here!

PS: Let's forget the fact that these look like Christmas trees ok? Can I fool you in making you believe they are arrows? The other option was doing dinosaurs, so, I think you'd understand ;)



  1. This post makes me so hungry! I'm such a Nutella slut, these could be dangerous.

  2. I must try these! They look delicious and anything with Nutella works for me!


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