Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My life file: Victoria Day Weekend - Part I

For those of you who are not aware, it was Victoria Day on Monday here in Canada, so we had a long weekend! The weather was incredibly nice so we took advantage of it and on Saturday we took Matthew to the city island. He sure had a blast, as soon as we got off the ferry on our way back, he climbed on the stroller, wait, that's a lie, we forced him to sit on the stroller, and just 2 minutes after he was completely out! See? parents do know best right? ;)

Here's the first part of the 1.000.000 photos I took (I think I should enroll in some photography course because I enjoy it like you guys have no idea!), 90% of which are of nature (trust me, it's taking a big effort on my part not to post just flowers here!) and Matthew's back, so I hope you enjoy them ;)

Update: I'm just catching up with the news, and my heart hurts watching what happened in Oklahoma, can't believe that while we were having such a lovely weekend, there were others who were going under their worst nightmare. So so sad. I just can't imagine.

On our way to the island

Snack time: homemade granola bars ;)


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