Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Shopping File: Home Re-fresh With New Accessories

Nothing like adding a few accessories here and there to make everything feel new, right? Here are a few home decor items I found that I LOVE and that would definitely make a shelf, a coffee table, a wall seem all new to you :) I'm particularly a fan of baskets as they can be used for shoes, toys, blankets, magazines, you name it, annnd they can be moved around the house depending on your needs and to easily switch things up. Another easy way to freshen things up is by changing pillow covers or replacing art with something that is inspiring you more!

1. Melanie Severin "Weathered" Mixed Media Limited Edition Art Print | 2. West Elm Crewel Crisscross Linework Pillow Cover | 3. H&M Small Metal Tray | 4. CB2 Conway baskets | 5. West Elm Brass Cactus Object | 6. Lulu & Georgia Rourke Clock | 7. West Elm Brass cactus Object | 8. Qing Ji "Forsythia" Limited Edition Art Print | 9. Lulu & Georgia Abeni Baskets | 10. CB2 Charlie Gold Alarm Clock | 11. CB2 bridgeport metal wire baskets | 12. West Elm Retro Marble Object | 13. CB2 Button pom Pom Basket| 14. H&M Cushion Cover | 15. Dwell Studio Faceted White Vase | 16. CB2 victor leather and brass pendant mirror | 17. Lulu & Georgia Golden Star | 18. Serena & Lilly Thatch Stripe Pillow Cover | 19. Lois DeCastro "Spotty" Limited Edition Art Print | 20. H&M Candle in Ceramic Holder | 21. Lulu & Georgia Cornelia Bud Vase | 22. CB2 Gold Cactus Vase | 23. H&M Candle in Ceramic Holder | 24. Paris Sketch Print | 25. Lulu & Georgia Lyanna Pillow | 26. H&M Clear Glass Box | 27. West Elm Retro Marble Object | 28. Lori Wemple "Son" Limited Edition Art Print | 29. Kristin Kirkley Cacti Print | 30. Metal Sphere Sconce | 31. Geo Shaped Bowls | 32. CB2 Marble Vase | 33. CB2 Yuzo Baskets


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