Friday, May 26, 2017

DIY File: Easy Half Braided Ponytail Tutorial

I once again got together with my good friend Aylin to bring you some hairstyle inspiration, and this time she taught me how to do a half-braided ponytail, looks great right? I love the somewhat messy look because it gives the hairstyle a more effortless and relaxed vibe, perfect for Summer, don't you think? This is super easy to create and all the steps are below :)

1. Put your hair into a ponytail. If your hair is super straight you can add some texture by using a wand or straightener, just do it very loosely. 
2. Grab a small strand from your pony and wrap it around the elastic, securing it with a bobby pin.
3. Braid your hair and stop when you're halfway.
4. Secure with an elastic and once again take a small strand to wrap around it.
And that's it, a super easy and fun intersection between a regular pony and a braid :)


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