Friday, October 12, 2018

Fashion File: How to Layer Delicate Necklaces

I regularly get questions about the necklaces I wear and where they are from so today I'm sharing some tips on how you can get the look with similar pieces and the perfect "formula" for that meaningful layered look. From top to bottom I'm wearing my mom's baptism medal which she gave me last time she visited, Virgo's constellation (from Mejuri) and a gold plate with 3 diamonds my mom gifted me years ago.

What I like about layering necklaces is not just the look but the meaning the pieces can have for you, which in my opinion, make carrying them more special and take the whole fashion component onto something more meaningful. If you're looking for tips on stacking them at different lengths then this might come in handy, but, if on the other hand you're after something that you'll wear with more pride, here's what I think makes a good formula:
1. A personalized pendant of either your initial or a loved one's.
2. Something that has some meaning to you like a zodiac pendant, a birth stone, engraved words, or even a locket.
3. Last but not least, a charm of something you identify with or you just really like. It could be a special gift you received, something you bought or even a custom-made piece.

Having said this, while you can use particular guidelines (especially when it comes to mixing different lengths) or a special formula to help you achieve the perfect layered look, I think the best one is the one that comes to life naturally by wearing pieces you love and have significance to you.

And if you feel like you can't master the look with different pieces and prefer to go the easy route, I included 8 options below that do all the hard work for you ;)

1. BP. Plate & Disc Layered Necklace | 2. Madewell Knotted Layered Necklace | 3. BaubleBar Harmonia Lariat Necklace | 4. Madewell Sparkler Necklace Set | 5. Rebecca Minkoff Sophia Solo Pearl Layered Necklace | 6. Madewell Treasure Pendant Necklace Set | 7. Cloverpost Domain Necklace | 8. Madewell Coin Necklace Set


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